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Christopher L. Kolakowski Recognized for Expertise in Military History

2022-02-21 | A trusted voice in the field of history, Mr. Kolakowski is the director of the Wisconsin Veterans Museum

Salvator Mundi Museum of Art Opens 2022 Schedule with New Exhibition/Immersive Experience

2022-02-18 | Museum to the world's most expensive work of art announces 2022 schedule with a new exhibition/immersive experience dedicated to the life and work of internationally renowned conservator and restorer of the Salvator Mundi painting, Dianne Modestini.

Donovan Johnson Appointed to Succeed Bill Lowe Gallery Founding Director

2022-02-17 | Kate Chesnutt is named Assistant Director of Bill Lowe Gallery

New Book "Ghosts of the Bird Cage Theatre: On a Medium's Vacation," from Award-Winning Author

2022-02-15 | Experience the author's encounters with 11 ghosts at one of the wild west's most haunted places! Gamblers, gunfighters, ladies of the evening, actors and cowboys!

Marquis Who's Who Honors Suzanne Folds McCullagh, PhD, with Inclusion in Who's Who in the World

2022-02-02 | Dr. McCullagh has earned distinction for her contributions to the art community in Chicago

Saving the Beautiful and Lost Photographic Portfolio Created by 20th Century NYC Publicity Photographer, Murray Korman, was a Ten-Year-Labor-of-Love

2022-02-02 | Clyde Adams of Leeds, AL was instrumental in the resurrection of this historic collection of Broadway entertainers, chorus lines, and NYC society photographs. The results: 600 deteriorating negatives digitized, 2 websites. 2 books. History saved.

Dubai Witnessed the Opening of the Most Spectacular and Unique Art Gallery "Sama L Ain Gallery"

2022-01-30 | On Jan 15th 2022, Dubai witnessed the opening of the most spectacular and unique art gallery "Sama L Ain Gallery" which is an exclusive showroom of outstanding modern art pieces."

YUCHIP's P4.8 Rental LED Display For Fönix Hall, Hungary

2022-01-20 | P4.8 Rental LED Display For Hungary's Another Ice Hockey Stadium

Newly Minted NFT, SALVATOR MUNKI™ - Uniquely Created Digital Work Re-Envisions The World's Most Expensive Work of Art, Crossing Into The Blockchain Metaverse

2022-01-20 | Real Salvator Mundi, the registered trademark and brand extension of the world's most expensive work of art, announces a series of digital artworks aimed at creating a new conceptual and interpreted work designed specifically for the crypto community

John Seto has been Inducted into the Prestigious Marquis Who's Who Biographical Registry

2022-01-11 | Mr. Seto is a noted curator specializing in Oriental art, ethnic programming and community service

The 7 Most Expensive Paintings in the World – By a Living Artist

2021-12-14 | Cosmic 'X' Art is The World's Most Expensive - 2022

Pingyang, Wenzhou: Old Intangible Cultural Heritage Plays New Tricks

2021-12-11 | Recently, Mingshan village, Kunyang Town, Pingyang County won the medal of "national civilized villages and towns", and the cultural and tourism industry has formed a cluster effect.

GBK Brand Bar, Partnering with eBay This Year, Held Their Annual Luxury Gift Lounge in Honor of Art Basel 2021

2021-12-04 | Hosted by Istituto Marangoni, This Year's Luxury Lounge Provided Over $30K in Gifts to Select Attendees

Artist Mark Timothy Signs Worldwide Distribution Agreement for Prints of his Photographs and Paintings

2021-11-24 | California artist Mark Timothy has signed a worldwide distribution agreement for prints of his photographs and paintings with the one of the nation's largest art print distributors and will be available in thousands of retail stores worldwide.

Author, Fashion Journalist and Style Historian Nancy Flaherty Appointed Fashion Group International Atlanta Regional Director

2021-11-23 | Flaherty has been a board member of FGI since May 2018, most recently serving as Atlanta Regional Director Elect.

Different activities with 'The Way of the Holy Grail' in Valencia (Spain) from 23 November to 3 December!

2021-11-20 | THE WAY OF THE HOLY GRAIL: From 23 November to 3 December different activities will be held in Ciutat Vella (old town of Valencia) around the Way of the Holy Grail, the Route of Knowledge and the Way of Peace.

Progress on Restoration of Paris's Oldest Church Revealed

2021-11-17 | American Friends for the Preservation of Saint Germain des Prés provides the opportunity to sponsor some of the monument's most precious art installations

Jeffrey W. Allison Celebrated for Expertise in Art

2021-11-10 | Mr. Allison has delivered over 700 lectures in art history

Fine Art Shippers Is a New Sponsor of Asian Art in London

2021-11-02 | Fine Art Shippers has become one of the official sponsors of the 24th edition of Asian Art in London, an annual program with a focus on Oriental art.