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TikTok Star Signed by Talcott Notch Literary Agency for Multi-book Project

2022-03-01 | Amy Collins and Talcott Notch Literary Agency is pleased to announce the representation of Devrie Donalson

Apish Punks - A Pioneering NFT Collection to run off the until now Virgin Telos EVM Network

2022-03-01 | Apish Punks is a new up and coming NFT collection styled around a limited 10,000 pixelated Apes, with proof of ownership stored on the Telos blockchain they have varied Rarities, based on 4 kinds of Ape Punks - Friendly, Zombie, Alien and Ghost Apes.

TekStream Congratulates on Mobilizing 100,000 Online Volunteers

2022-03-01 | TekStream joins the nonprofit organization in announcing that it has recruited over 100,000 industry professionals and helped provide career advice to over 6 million online learners.

Press Conference with Shincheonji Leader held with Europe after High Viewership of 2nd Bible Seminar Series

2022-03-01 | As the recent online seminar of Shincheonji Church of Jesus exceeds 10 million views on YouTube and becomes popular overseas, Chairman Man-hee Lee of Shincheonji held a dialogue with European pastors and journalists.

Trails Carolina Helping Teens Understand Impact of Social Media Use

2022-03-01 | Trails Carolina put together an in-depth study focusing on the harmful effects social media can have on a teenager's mental health.

Pronix Live Webinar Event for Application Modernization - Do Not Miss!

2022-03-01 | Accelerating Digital Transformation with Modernized Applications hosted by Pronix Inc - Join us Mar 11, 2022 - 11:00 AM EST for this live webinar event! Please share this Live Webinar Event Hosted by Pronix Digital Transformation Experts USA!

Ventana Research Releases Benchmark Research on Analytics and Data

2022-03-01 | Market research identified key insights and best practices recommendations for organizations

Young Entrepreneur Was Handed Quarter Million Offer For His Software

2022-02-28 | A college graduate secures quarter million dollar deal for his side hustle

Flowers and Plants That Can Help Boost Wellbeing, As Recommended By A Leading Florist

2022-02-25 | By bringing the outdoors in, with fresh flowers and house plants, people are reminded of nature's presence, which can be hugely beneficial in reducing low mood, anxiety and stress says Amazing Graze Flowers

President Trump's Former National Security Advisor Endorses Keith Self for Congress

2022-02-25 | Michael Flynn, President Trump's former National Security Advisor, has strongly and wholeheartedly endorsed Keith Self for Congress.

Timeless Fairy Adventure Series Set To Steal Your Heart

2022-02-24 | Themes of Kindness, Friendship, Respect, and Childhood Innocence Woven into every Book's Pages

The Top Wedding Flower Trends to Expect In 2022, According To the Experts

2022-02-23 | After two years of postponements, cancellations and compromised plans, 2022 is set to be a huge year for the wedding industry.

Amanda Hollins Announced as Vice President of Operations for Cars for Kids

2022-02-23 | She has been working closely with the non-profit charity organization since 2013

Whitelabel NFT Marketplace Development - Cost-Effective, Time-Saving, and Value-Added Solution from Tech-Savvy, Blockchain App Factory

2022-02-22 | Not from scratch anymore! Whitelabel is a hot trending solution to launch your NFT marketplace instantly.

Quickly-Growing Shincheonji Church Gives Seminar Over the Fulfillment of Revelation

2022-02-22 | Shincheonji Chairman Man-hee Lee gave a special seminar for pastors and believers all over the world to hear about the fulfillment of the Bible's book of Revelation.

UFS Announces Partnership with Flippa

2022-02-21 | UFS Announces Partnership with Flippa to Offer Business Acquisition and Business Growth Financing Solutions for Buyers & Sellers

Algocog AI Launches AI Service Partnership with Twenty West Media

2022-02-21 | Partnership Marks Key Milestone in Algocog's AI Ecosystem Growth Plan

Cidewalk, the Magazine for Small Businesses, Launches First Issue

2022-02-18 | Empowering Small Businesses One Issue at a Time