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April 28, 2017

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Washington Association of Wheat Growers Congratulates Sonny Perdue on His Confirmation as USDA Secretary of Agriculture

2017-04-28 | The USDA Secretary of Agriculture post was one of the last cabinet posts to be filled by President Trump

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eASIC Participates at the Deterministic Ethernet Forum, Vienna, Austria (April 27-28, 2017)

2017-04-28 | eASIC Nextreme Platforms Provide the Differentiated Solutions for Time Sensitive Networks (TSN) in Industrial and Automotive Markets.

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23andMe Joins as Benefactor Sponsor of Festival Celebrating Mixed-Race Families

2017-04-28 | The leading personal genetics company, 23andMe, has signed on as a sponsor of the nation's largest gathering of mixed-race and multiracial families and artists slated for June 10, 2017 in Los Angeles.

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Daubert Cromwell Introduces Clear Pak BIO Corrosion Inhibitor Packaging Film

2017-04-28 | New product uses proprietary, plant-based corrosion inhibitor chemistry proven effective for protecting valuable metal components during storage and shipment

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FinFolio Adds HCO Private Wealth as Portfolio Management Software Platform Client

2017-04-28 | FinFolio's outsourced investment management platform offers FIX connectivity and algorithmic real time trading of portfolios including sleeve level strategy management . FinFolio has been deployed to HCO Private Wealth.

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Amant's Floor Care Celebrates their 48th Years of Providing Floor Cleaning Services to the St. Louis Area

2017-04-28 | Amant's Floor Care has provided superior floor cleaning services for 48 years to some of the most prestigious properties in St. Louis

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Jonathan Pope Selected Treasurer of Georgia Trial Lawyers Association

2017-04-28 | Attorney Jonathan A. Pope, partner at Hasty Pope, LLP, has been selected as 2017-18 Treasurer of the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association.

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Celebrated Attorney Paul D. O'Connor Honored by Marquis Who's Who for Professional Efforts in Law

2017-04-28 | Mr. O'Connor is licensed to practice law in New York and California

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Raymond Erwin Honored for Excellence in Agriculture and Agribusiness Education

2017-04-28 | Raymond Erwin taught at Stillwater High School in Minnesota for three decades

Marquis Who's Who Celebrates Dr. David Crowther as an Esteemed Educator

2017-04-28 | Dr. Crowther has made significant contributions to the education of social responsibility

Daniel Turov Honored by Marquis Who's Who for Excellence in Investment Advising and Finance

2017-04-28 | The president of Turov Investment Group Inc., Mr. Turov has been assisting individuals improve their financial conditions for 48 years

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Dr. David Verney Celebrated as a Leading Scientist by Marquis Who's Who

2017-04-28 | Dr. Verney has published more than 150 scientific papers and articles

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David Eric Wilcox Named a Lifetime Achiever by Marquis Who's Who

2017-04-28 | Mr. Wilcox has been endorsed by Marquis Who's Who in the engineering and education fields

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PSCA Releases Results of First Ever HSA Snapshot Survey

2017-04-28 | The full survey is available at

ID4Africa's Campaign for Access to Identification and Full Citizenship

2017-04-28 | A preview of the 2017 meeting of ID4Africa, a movement devoted to expanding access to effective identification systems across Africa.

Credico South Africa Asks Whether Sales Companies Really Know how to Manage their Teams

2017-04-28 | Credico South Africa has many years of experience in what it takes to build a successful sales team. The agency recently launched an investigation into whether today's sales companies are managing their teams in the right way.

Carve a Career in Sales and Marketing with First Face Ltd

2017-04-28 | Sales and Marketing firm, First Face Ltd, are proud to be working towards building a diverse and innovative workforce which embraces professionals from a range of backgrounds.

Rapid Growth is on the Horizon for CMA Global

2017-04-28 | Sales and Marketing firm CMA Global are taking their growth development to the next level and recently announced their ambitious plans to drive growth over the next year.