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Pan American Metals Explains Why Silver is the Best Precious Metal Investment on the Market Today

2011-04-15 | The rules of supply and demand mean that silver has a bright future in the investment market.

Experts to Discuss Evolving Government Workplace and Telework Act Compliance

2011-04-08 | AgilQuest to host discussion panel on smart buildings, telework programs and budget shifting.

Four Out of Five Community Hospitals Pin HITECH Hopes on Current Electronic Medical Records

2011-04-07 | KLAS report: 80 percent of community hospitals believe they can achieve meaningful use by 2013 with their present EMRs--but the remaining 20 percent still plan to switch.

Haven't Paid Your Taxes in Years? No Problem! Call Blue Tax!

2011-04-04 | Blue Tax Attorney's Helping Tax Payers Feel Normal Again!!

U.S. Federal Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery IT Market to Reach $5 Bln in 2016

2011-04-02 | Market Research Media forecasts that the US Federal IT market for business continuity and disaster recovery solutions will surpass the landmark of $5 billion in 2016, growing in 2013-2018 at a CAGR of around 9%.

Blue Tax Attorneys Saves the Day by Saving a Taxpayer Thousands with New York State Tax

2011-03-08 | The attorneys of Blue Tax rep client in New York state tax audit.

Harsh Times Ahead Amid Inflation and Budget Shortfalls

2011-02-27 | Inflation and lack of work has set off uprisings all across the Middle East, but those same forces are coming to America, and in fact are already here. They are expected to get worse.

Wage Garnishment Released by the Expert Team at Blue Tax

2011-02-21 | Blue Tax attorneys quickly release wage garnishment.

Global Health Progress Encourages Global Partnerships on Access to Health Care

2011-02-21 | As Congress looks at the 2012 budget, Global Health Progress highlights the importance of public-private partnerships in meeting global health challenges.

Air Compliance Testing, Inc. Reports FY 2012 EPA Proposed Budget

2011-02-17 | A FY 2012 budget of $8.973 billion has been proposed for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This budget proposal represents about a 13 percent decrease from the FY 2010 budget of $10.3 billion.

Taxpayer Unable to Pay Taxes Finds Help in the Expertise of Blue Tax

2011-02-07 | Tax payers find relief from IRS with Blue Tax Attorneys.

KLAS Report: MEDITECH Customers Enlist Consulting Firms for Help Reaching Government Requirements, Meaningful Use

2011-02-02 | Although a number of consulting firms can support MEDITECH users, MEDITECH-focused consulting firms Dell Services and Navin, Haffty & Associates (NHA) are selected twice as often by MEDITECH clients

Wage Garnishment Becoming More Frequent Effort of IRS But Blue Tax Prevails

2011-01-31 | Blue Tax attorneys once again Provide Relief Against Wage Garnishments

GSA to Use AgilQuest to Meet Real Estate Reduction and Telework Directives

2011-01-26 | Unique combination improves workplace utilization and reduces office vacancy.

Nation's Debt Problems Could Lead to Increase in Demand for Debt Management Plan Services

2010-12-10 | Debt in the United Kingdom has been increasing for a number of years. Recent studies show that the UK debt is amongst the highest in Europe and many families will require debt management plan solutions to deal with their debt.

Plan to Save Thousands of American Lives Ignored by Washington

2010-11-27 | Lawyer claims his plan to reform the FDA could save 100,000 lives a year, but is ignored by Congress and the White House.

MuniPriceTracker Announces Bond Compliance Services for the Municipal Bond Industry

2010-11-12 | MuniPriceTracker offers issuers and bond counsels an efficient way to track the trading activity of all municipal bonds and to clearly demonstrate compliance with IRS regulations.

'Prior Relationship' the Most Influential Factor for Providers Choosing RAC Audit Vendors

2010-11-11 | Providers most often consider RAC software solutions where the vendor/client relationship is already established, new KLAS report finds.

Florida Minority Group Seeks High Speed Rail Contract Inclusion

2010-11-04 | Florida High Speed Rail Minority Business Consortium created to ensure minority firms not left out of $3 billion taxpayer-funded High Speed Rail projects.

"Spotlight" Takes a Look at American Resolve Created by the Current Recession

2010-10-30 | "Spotlight" to showcase the people and ideas helping to inspire economic progress.