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X-PRO TAPI - The First Fully Compatible TAPI Softphone for VOIP with Outlook Integration and Developers Interface.

2005-09-01 | Global IP Telecommunications is proud to announce the release of X-Pro TAPI, the first fully TAPI (Telephony API) compliant VOIP software telephone on the market.

Alexander Haig's World Business Review First Port of Call for Lifeboat Software

2005-08-23 | Lifeboat Data Rescue software featured on popular high tech television program

Skeptics Fade and Sales Rise as Lifeboat Data Recovery Proves Itself

2005-08-18 | Kickstart News gives glowing review of Lifeboat's data recovery system, describes benefits of software.

Hit by the computer worm? Lifeboat to the Rescue!

2005-08-16 | Lifeboat data rescue can retrieve data from computers hit by computer worms and viruses

Anco Website Re-Design Showcases High Tech Electronics to the World

2005-07-14 | Anco Trading Inc., the exclusive North American Distributor of Voyager long range cordless phones is pleased to invite you to their newly redesigned website located at

Skweezer Nominated for Pocket PC Magazine's Best Software of 2005 Awards

2005-07-11 | Skweezer is nominated in both Pocket PC and Smartphone categories.

Protect yourself from spying eyes and hackers, even working on public wireless Internet connection.

2005-07-10 | Get a Secure International Internet Access anywhere. International ISP announces its new VPN services available for any Dial-up, Toll-free, or Wifi Internet Access worldwide.

MMs3 announces sms reverse billing for ringtone and mobile content affiliates in an additional twenty seven countries.

2005-07-06 | MMs3 announces new international platform adding twenty seven new countries to it's portfolio. MMs3 is Scotland's largest ringtone content provider which resells services to over one thousand clients.

Telephone Bill Audit Home Based Business

2005-06-27 | Why are so many companies reducing their employees when instead they could be reducing expenses. If you're overwhelmed by telephone bills at home, think of how hard it is for Corporations to keep track of thousand of phone and telecom bills, most without anyone reviewing them.

Analyst Claims Some Phone Companies Intentionally Over-bill Customers

2005-06-22 | A telecom services analyst warns that he sees similar errors on phone bills so often that he believes some phone companies intentionally allow errors to continue, making adjustments only when a customer requests it. Tuesday TECH-Tip - MIMO-Multiple Input Multiple Output antennas and HSPDA-High Speed Downlink Packet Access This tutorial available at

2005-06-07 | MIMO-Multiple Input Multiple Output Multiple Antenna - Multiple Frequency antennas increases coverage, increases data rates and reduces co-channel interference. Monday TECH-Tip - Grooming This tutorial available at

2005-06-06 | Grooming is the combining of multiple lower speed circuits into a higher speed circuit. VC-Virtual Concatenation gives service providers additional customer data protocols and data speed options.

Greenlight Wireless Announces New Version of Skweezer

2005-06-06 | The award-winning wireless Web browser/portal gets a face-lift and a turbocharger. Thursday TECH-TIP - "IP Gets Wheels And Goes Roaming"

2005-06-02 | Mobile IP-Internet Protocol is just part of an overall mobile/wireless strategy. This tutorial is available at Infomercials "Accelerate Customer Acquisition, Lower Customer Support Costs, Increase Customer Satisfaction"

2005-06-02 | expands Flash infomercial program to reduce the sales cycle, reduce customer training and support costs while increasing customer satisfaction. Infomercials can be created on any topic from executive presentations to new hire topics for any industry (real estate to food service). Wednesday TECH-TIP - "WiMax - WiFi Gets Maxed"

2005-06-01 | Wednesday TECH-TIP - "WiMax - WiFi Gets Maxed" This TECH-Tip tutorial is available at Tuesday TECH-TIP - Intel Says to "Avoid VoIP Asynchronous Transcoding"

2005-05-31 | This tutorial explains Asynchronous Transcoding and SIP-Session Initiation Protocol available at Adds 100 New Tutorials

2005-05-31 | TECHtionary, the world's largest animated technology library adds hot new topics, updates existing tutorials and accelerates technology learning.