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March 18, 2019

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HAVIT Releases Upaya Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Earbuds

2019-03-18 | Lightweight, comfortable, stylish earbuds offer noise-free listening experience

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Dr. Helen Cadiz to Join Women Veterans In Crisis - Whispering Oaks Ranch as Director Clinical Services

2019-03-18 | Answering the President's Executive Order "National Roadmap to Empower Veterans and End Suicide," WVIC plan is a bold, shovel-ready therapeutic model for our nation.

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Victoria Napolitano Aims for Suicide Prevention with New Radio Show

2019-03-18 | Having overcome many life-altering challenges and struggles, Victoria Napolitano is a successful entrepreneur with great a perspective on mental health. Her new radio show 'Listen.' aims to engage listeners in positive thoughts.

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The Need for Redundant Cyber Security Solutions

2019-03-18 | Never before has the threat of cyber attacks been so widespread, so quick to develop and modify, and so staggering in its potential impact, which is why The Connectivity Center is investing in the next generation of cyber security products.

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Long-anticipated Maya Preferred 223 Token (MAPR) is Listed at FatBTC

2019-03-18 | New gold and silver backed token Maya Preferred 223 promises to use itself to stabilize the cryptocurrency market By Backing other major cryptocurrencies

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Allan Kroncher Honored for Excellence in Economics

2019-03-18 | Dr. Kroncher has served as an educator in countries around the world

Durwood Neal Honored as a Distinguished Medical Professional

2019-03-18 | Dr. Neal received a Top Clinician award from the UT Health Science Center

Martin Puris Honored for His Business Acumen

2019-03-18 | Mr. Puris served as a media advisor for former President George H.W. Bush

Dick Ragsdale Praised for Excellence in Health Care Administration

2019-03-18 | Mr. Ragsdale gave rural hospitals access to top-of-the-line equipment

Denis Rice Honored as a Distinguished Law Professor

2019-03-18 | Mr. Rice has held several government positions in California in addition to his legal work

S. Kay Rockwell has Helped Many Patients as a Nursing Professional

2019-03-18 | Dr. Rockwell worked for a program that supplied livestock to impoverished people

George Schmoll Shines as a Distinguished Professional in Market Analysis

2019-03-18 | Mr. Schmoll developed programs to analyze markets using innovative techniques

John Schulian Cultivated a Wide Audience as a Sports Columnist, Screenwriter and Author

2019-03-18 | Mr. Schulian always followed his passion for literature, combining it with a talent for sports

Paula Henderson Setters Honored for Excellence in Education

2019-03-18 | Ms. Henderson Setters enjoys mentoring students to help them understand complex scientific principles

Arthur Sippo Made Important Contributions to Health Care and the Military

2019-03-18 | Dr. Sippo tailored service helmets to fit a wider range of military pilots

Roland Smith Prepares His Students for Bright Futures

2019-03-18 | Dr. Smith became known across the Ivy League as a renowned educator

Thomas Whitaker Honored for Excellence in Higher Education

2019-03-18 | Dr. Whitaker has published several works of literary analysis

Ronald Whittemore Honored for His Computer Skills and Athletic Achievements

2019-03-18 | Ronald Whittemore is also proud to be a Senior Olympian

Priscilla Wyrick Honored for Skills in Medical Education

2019-03-18 | Dr. Wyrick looks back on a distinguished career as a medical educator

Alan Gifford Schwartz Presented with the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award by Marquis Who's Who

2019-03-18 | Mr. Schwartz has been endorsed by Marquis Who's Who as a leader in the tennis and club industries

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